The outbreak has upended the life of every family around the world. It had forced parents to work remotely and cut people off physically. The so-called new normal is a lot to take for each of us but even more for parents because their children depend on them.

With lots of families were forced to stay at home, there are various parenting tips were given on different platforms. Parenting tips during the outbreak is very important because it covers everything from creating new routines to managing stress. Below are some of the many ways of parenting tips that you may consider the following:

  • Spend Time Together

Set aside some time for you and your children and ask them what they want to do. You can give them suggestions that they may want such as going for a walk, looking at old pictures, reading a book, dancing, play games, do chores together, or help them study.

  • Keep It Positive

Praising your child and using positive language for something they have done well is the second tip. It will help them reassure that you notice what they are doing and you care about it.

  • Create Some Structure

A consistent daily routine helps you shape your day. It might be by the means of making a schedule that has time for structured activities and free time to help your child feel more secure. They might also want to join in and help plan the day. Also, daily exercise must play a role. It helps lower everyone’s stress levels. Hand washing is vital these times and it must be a routine as well to help avoid being infected with the coronavirus.

  • Manage Acting Out

There are 3 steps on how you can deal with bad behavior;

1. If you can catch it early, distract by suggesting you go outside.

2. Take a 10-second pause before responding. Breathe in and out slowly for 5 minutes and then try to respond again in a calmer way.

3. Give your child a choice to follow your instruction before giving them the consequence. Once it is over, give your child a chance to do something good and praise them for it.

  • Manage Your Stress

How to manage stress is a big issue for families stuck at home. Give to yourself even just for a 5-minute cup of tea, exercise, or meditation. These could be helpful if your stress level is at its finest. Also, be open to listening to your children because they might also be suffering from what is happening in their environment. Accept what they feel and comfort them because your child will look to you for support.

  • Talk Openly

Everyone is exposed to so much news and updates about the outbreak and it can be hard to avoid thinking about it even for a few minutes. What you can do is talk to your child and openly share with them what is happening and admit if you don’t know the answers. Always check your children if they are okay and remind them that you care. Tell them as well that they can talk to you anytime, then something fun together.