Pandemic Parenting Tips

When children often misbehave, it is their reaction to the amount of stress they are in and a way to vent their frustration. Keep in mind that you need to act as a disciplinarian during these times and do your best as well to stay calm. Start managing your stress levels by having a healthy lifestyle, exercise, adopting a regular relaxation practice, and making time for fun. The best way to handle your child’s behavior is when you’re more relaxed and calmer.

Here’s How You Can Manage Your Child’s Behavior:

  • Redirect your child: Redirect them to another activity if they are misbehaving. Take an opportunity to distract them with a fun game or an interesting task.
  • Take a deep breath: There are lots of ways on how you can relieve the stress at the moment when you feel like you are losing patience with your child. Let yourself calm down by counting 1-10. If you feel calmer, then you can respond to your child’s behavior more positively.
  • Creative consequence: For instance, if your child went outside without wearing a face mask, you may ask them to draw a child wearing one. Giving your child a creative consequence at the same time teaches them that their behavior was not correct.
  • Reward good behaviors: During this time, nothing positive must go unrecognized. Reward their good behaviors such as making their bed, getting along with their siblings, or doing well on a school assignment.
  • Do not spank or yell at your child: It might impact your child’s sense of security and safety and it might damage your relationship.
  • Do nothing: It is sometimes the best choice. Ignoring bad behavior could be an extremely effective way when trying to get your child to stop doing something. If a young child has an attitude of being an attention-seeker, not giving it to them will let them realize that they must find a more respectful way, or they must stop.

If you have an older child that is already into social media, you must check on them. During this time of the pandemic, children must limit their time on social media because we do not know whether the things on it could be helpful or might make a certain situation worst.

Here’s How You Can Manage Your Child’s Social Media Use:

As of this moment of isolation and social distancing, lots of adults, and even kids are relying on social media and the internet. During this time, it is the only way we can be in touch with other family members and friends and knowing the latest updates or news. While it has many positive aspects, it could affect negatively as well. Particularly, it could affect your child’s levels of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. If you are worried about their use of this platform, you might simply limit their access to their different devices. Just explain to them why you gave them the limitations in using their social media and what the effects are if they’ve used it too much.