Where is Ezetimibe used?

Ezetimibe is used to help lower cholesterol in the blood. This is used along with low cholesterol or low-fat diet and exercise. This may be used alone or with other drugs like statins or fibrates.

Reducing cholesterol may help prevent strokes and heart attacks. This belongs to the class of medications called cholesterol absorption inhibitors and is an FDA-approved prescription.

How does Ezetimibe work?

Ezetimibe works by stopping cholesterol from being absorbed into your bloodstream from the small intestine. It also prevents the cholesterol that is released from the bile duct into the intestine from being reabsorbed back into the bloodstream. The overall result in a decreased cholesterol levels in the blood.

How is Ezetimibe taken?

The recommended dosage for this medication is based on your medical condition and response. Take this medication regularly to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, take it at the same time and in the same way each day.

This drug comes as a tablet to take by mouth. Each dose is usually taken once a day either with or without food. Follow the prescription of your doctor very carefully and take it exactly as it is given to you. It is important to continue taking this drug even if you feel well. Most people with high cholesterol do not feel sick. It may take up to 2 weeks before you get the full benefits of this medication. Your doctor will gradually lower your dose if you wish to stop this treatment. Keep in mind that you need to consult your doctor first before stopping the medication. Stopping suddenly taking this drug might make your condition worse or might develop another complication. Inform your doctor if your condition does not improve or if it gets worse.

What are the precautions in taking Ezetimibe?

  • Tell your doctor if you are allergic to it or if you have any allergies before taking this medication. This drug may have an inactive ingredient that causes an allergic reaction. If you have signs of an allergic reaction such as trouble breathing, itching, swelling of your face and throat, call for emergency medical help right away.
  • If an overdose occurs, call for medical help right away.
  • If you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman, talk with your doctor first. Discuss the risks and benefits of this drug.
  • It is important to continue your diet and exercise advice given to you by your doctor while you are taking this medicine. This only helps you control your cholesterol levels and must not be used as a substitute for eating healthily and taking regular exercises.
  • You should have blood tests to monitor your liver function if you are taking this medicine with a statin.
  • This prescription is not recommended for use in people with liver disease.
  • This is used in children only if there’s a recommendation of a specialist. This may not be recommended for use in children under 6 years of age.
  • Ezetimibe must be taken in combination with a stating during pregnancy. It may be harmful if taken during pregnancy.