Extending Healthy Habits Beyond Quarantine

Several months contained a fair amount of uncertainty and chaos as we navigate the unfamiliar territory that accompanies the new reality. For many of us, the challenges of sheltering in place have tested how well we can adapt to an ever-changing situation that affects every aspect of our life. It’s been easy to fall back into bad habits or start new ones as we attempt to overcome the many difficulties the pandemic brings to our lives. However, hidden within the challenges are things like daily walks and family dinners that have been making their way into our routine. It seems to be a welcome change. The pandemic might be challenging but it helped strengthen the bond of the family and improve connections. Apart from these things, there are other routines that you can continue to do even after the quarantine.

1. Identify Your Motivation  

If you can remember and recognize why you’re making certain positive changes to your daily routine during the pandemic, it will help you maintain the momentum you need to keep it up when restrictions begin lifting. Whether you’re adding volunteer work to your schedule, enjoying meals as a family, or spending more time in conversations with family and friends, classifying the positive effects and your overall goals can help you continue them effectively.

2. Start Small

Don’t try to fix an unrealistic expectation for your new life once the quarantine ends. Set manageable goals and write them down. You need to know your strengths and how far you can go before setting something that you wanted to achieve.

3. Eliminate Your Triggers

Don’t set yourself up for failure by going back to doing things the way you used to. Classify the obstacles that keep you from making a permanent change and remove them wherever possible. For instance, if you want to enjoy more family conversations around the dinner table, sit down, keep the television off, and allow everyone a chance to talk and be heard.

4. Be Kind To Yourself

Even when you’ve been realistic about what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll certainly hesitate sometimes and that’s fine. You don’t have to change overnight. Allow yourself to be human, make mistakes, and start again.

5. Be Patient

Making lasting changes can take some time even when they have positive outcomes. A habit takes weeks to earn a permanent place in your routine. Success is possible with persistence and patience. If you can keep the positive aspects of what you’ve been through and include them into your lives as you move forward, it could be tremendous. 

No one knows what the next normal will certainly look like. Nevertheless, if we can keep the positive aspects of what we’ve been through, the impact on our lives and our communities could be incredible. If the thought of change feels overwhelming and impossible to attain, consider reaching out to a mental health professional via virtual health to get the help you need.