When this pandemic has made your cancer treatment delayed, you might be worried about your diagnosis. It is stressful being diagnosed with cancer, but it is additional anxiety and distress if the risk of COVID-19 affects your treatment. Several people with cancer are finding that their treatment was temporarily delayed. Here’s why and how you can cope when your cancer treatment is delayed:

Why Are Cancer Treatment Delay Happening?

A careful balance of the risk of contracting the virus during a pandemic is required. Cancer may progress if you have delayed treatment. Some reasons for your doctor that your treatment is delayed:

  • There are lots of infected individual in your community

If hospitalizations and infections due to COVID-19 are reaching critical levels in your area, it is recommended to delay your treatment. Your doctor may determine that the risk of infection and the lack of resources that may pose a greater risk to your health than cancer.

  • You have a slow-growing cancer

If your cancer is growing slowly, your doctor might recommend delaying your cancer treatment. On the other hand, if your cancer has a higher risk of spreading and is aggressive, your doctor may decide that immediate treatment is needed despite the risks related to the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • You are infected with COVID-19

Commonly, doctors pausing or delaying treatment if you’re found to have COVID-19. Depending on your particular situation, your treatment plan is adjusted. 

Is A Delay Of Cancer Treatment Safe?

A delay in cancer treatment may make you wonder if your cancer will be more likely to spread or if the future treatment will be more difficult. You can discuss these concerns with your doctor and ask for details about your particular situation. As your knowledge about cancer is increasing, it might be more comfortable with your doctor’s decision about your care.

With countless types of cancer, doctors already have an understanding of which cancers may need instant treatment despite the virus risks. Your doctor carefully considers your overall health and the availability of health care resources when deciding whether to delay your treatment.

How To Cope With The Delay Of Cancer Treatment?

1. Take Precautions

Being infected with COVID-19 might make you sick and your cancer treatment will also be delayed. Strictly follow the safety measure given by your doctor such as practicing social distancing, staying at home, frequently washing your hands, and wearing a cloth face covering.

2. Keep Yourself Healthy

Begin to have a healthy habit by getting enough sleep and choosing a healthy diet that is full of vegetables and fruits. Try to exercise most days of the week. Find activities to help you reduce stress.

3. Talk About Your Feelings

Turn to a friend or loved one so that you can talk out about your emotions as you wait for cancer treatment. Connect with other people with cancer through online groups.

4. Second Opinion

If you are not comfortable with the treatment plan of your doctor, having a second opinion is recommended. It may be possible to do this through a virtual. Check with your insurance provider to make sure this type of appointment will be covered.