Coronavirus Concerns For Adults With Heart Condition

With the fast widespread of the coronavirus and lots of people have found their world turned upside down in many ways. Everyone is washing hands a lot, practicing social distancing, dining at home more, and spending much more time at home than usual. This time of pandemic is a time to be more vigilant especially for adults with a history of stroke, heart disease, or heart attack. This new virus shows that those with the underlying condition and older adults are most at risk for developing severe symptoms. Unlike any other flu, this coronavirus disease has no vaccine or medications.

Does The Coronavirus Impact The Heart?

The coronavirus disease attacks the lungs not the heart particularly. Although the heart is still affected because it might have to work harder to try pumping oxygenated blood through the body. For individuals who have heart failure or heart disease, this could be a serious concern.

People with a heart condition also have less robust immunity overall which makes them more susceptible. Accordingly, it is because the coronavirus could damage the respiratory system. It could also make it harder for their heart to work. For individuals with heart failure or other heart issues, this could lead to a worsening of COVID-19 symptoms.

How Do People With Heart Disease Protect Themselves From The Infection?

Accordingly, people with diabetes, lung disease, and heart disease are six times more likely to be hospitalized than those who don’t have underlying health conditions. This is the time where patients need to pay even more attention to their well-being. To lessen your risk of being infected, you must;

  • Maintain at least 2 meters far from other individuals
  • If possible, stay at home and do not go out in a public setting
  • Avoid handshaking and hugging
  • Be sure to have enough supply if prescriptions
  • Regularly wash your hands and keep hand sanitizer on hand
  • Keep your surfaces clean at home especially those that are commonly touched
  • Find activities that will help reduce your stress
  • Spend more time on your hobbies
  • Don’t panic if you get sick. Stay at home and call your healthcare provider.

Heart Medications During Pandemic

There are lots of rumors about the safety of certain medications if an individual is infected with the coronavirus. Stopping your medications without any consent from your doctor will have severe consequences for your health. Continuing your prescriptions is very important to keep you out of the hospital. If you are prescribed to take heart failure or blood pressure medications, do not stop taking them unless directed by your doctor. Take time to review your prescriptions and take steps to make sure you do not run out. If you have any concerns, talk with your doctor. If you have a serious heart condition during this time of coronavirus outbreak;

  • Take your prescriptions exactly as it is given by your doctor
  • Make sure that you have enough supply for your heart disease medications
  • Those with hypertension must continue managing and controlling their blood pressure and take their medications as prescribed