The outbreak made people around the world face the reality of new normal especially about being just at home. Staying at home is important for flattening the curve and potential exposure from the virus. However, the adjustment in routine is leaving many in unaware ground specifically when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips for staying healthy while at home:

1. Keep A Clean Home Environment

If you are going out to the pharmacy or grocery store, be aware that contact with other individuals will increase your risk of being exposed to the virus. Lessen your risk of spreading the potential virus in the home by:

  • Instantly washing your hands for 20 seconds or longer
  • Disinfecting and cleaning high-touch surfaces day-to-day

2. Keep Your Workout

With lots of places where observing physical distancing, closures of establishments, entertainments, parks, and even gym were strictly mandated. Without being at the gym, you can still be active and continue with your workout routine by:

  • Watching a yoga video on YouTube
  • Taking a long walk around the neighborhood
  • Performing bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, or wall squats

3. Try To Stick To A Meal Schedule

In preparation, the quarantine gave us the chance to stockpile the kitchen. You and your family might find it hard to follow a restricted meal plan. Preparation for the meal and chosen meal times will help to:

  • Prevent overindulgence and regulate consumption
  • Avoid the temptation of ordering take-out foods that can be highly processed that has trans fats
  • Make sure to have a well-balanced diet

4. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

It’s easy to become wrapped up in the information about the pandemic which increases stress and anxiety levels. Stress-reducing levels include:

  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Giving yourself breaks from the news and social media
  • Engaging in a video chat with family and friends
  • Practicing meditation

5. Stay Hydrated

Sufficient water helps to keep your body strong and can resist infection and viruses. However, unavoidable home distractions might be on your way of making sure that you’re drinking sufficient water. You may follow these hydration techniques:

  • Before every meal, you can drink a glass of water
  • Substituting other drinks like coffee or soda with water
  • Utilizing a large reusable water bottle
  • Tracing fluid intake over various available apps
  • Adding natural flavor to water through fruit infusion

6. Make A Plan, Feel Prepared

Shopping routines have changed for many of us and still are experiencing changes in the way you buy food right now. Preparing for meals and writing a shopping list is a good technique to ensure you get all the things you may need. It will also help limit your time in the shops. You should wear a face-covering when shopping as a precautionary measure to help stop the spread of coronavirus. To avoid food going to waste make sure that you only buy what you need. Remember you can often freeze leftovers for another meal.