5 Habits That Stays In This New Normal

As we begin to go back to the usual anticipate that things will not be the same as before the pandemic happens. The threat of the virus is still here and we must remain vigilant to prevent another wave. This means that we need to continue to practice social distancing and proper hand hygiene. Separately from these, it is expected to keep and develop new habits for post-pandemic such as;

1. Limiting Exposure To Risks

Avoiding crowds and physical distancing are here to stay. It might take some time before we let down our guards and attend a fully-packaged event. Extra caution will also be practiced if we used shared spaces. Similarly, face masks have also become an important accessory and a must-have for daily life. Aside from wearing masks, we will adopt other cautious habits such as;

  • Less contact with hands: Every individual must be more careful when using often-touched surfaces or objects. Touching these must be immediately followed by hand washing or sanitizing.
  • Opting for virtual appointments: This might become the method of choice for consulting your family doctor for non-emergency health conditions.
  • Using cashless payments: While paying in cash will still be accepted but paying with cards or through self-checkout will also be the norm. Also, some have their food delivered or pick-up instead of going inside of the store or restaurants.

2. The New Social Etiquette

Keeping two meters away from others is the new normal. Having high fives, shaking hands, kissing, or hugging are only shared with those who are part of the same household.

3. Alternative Ways Of Entertainment

People will continue to choose safe entertainment like:

  • Going to parks within their area
  • Virtual tours, festivals, or concerts
  • Online shopping instead of going to the mall
  • Watching or streaming some favorite movies online
  • Less eating out and more eating home-cooked meals

4. The Virtual Platform

The quarantine allowed us to experience the power of online tools. Even when everything must turn to normal expect that online means are here to stay not only as an alternative but an essential component for providing information and services. As online platforms constantly improve their features businesses will lastingly employ virtual means for their critical elements of operations.

5. Contact Tracing

This is the process that maps the spread of the virus through individuals who have tested positive or have been around with those who tested positive. Contact tracing is expected to be one of the tools that will help manage and prevent subsequent outbreaks.

Also, it is still very important to activate your immune system. The immune system consists of roughly trillions of cells that travel in the body looking for foreign invaders. The immune system recognizes self to non-self. You need to keep your environment clean and nourish your body through a healthy diet with foods low in sugar and refined carbs. Drink lots of fluids and stay hydrated. Avoid excess alcohol intake or unnecessary antibiotics. You also need to exercise to help your physical and mental wellbeing.