The COVID-19 pandemic gives us the new normal. Many of us stay at home 24/7 and just sitting down more than we usually do. For several people, it’s hard to do some sort of exercise. It is more even harder for people who don’t usually do a lot of physical exercises. With the pandemic, people of all ages need to be as active as possible. Keeping active every day is good for your body, mind, and spirit especially during these stressful days. The following are some tips on what you can do while staying at home. 

Benefitsof Physical Activity 

You maytake a short break from sitting by doing 3 to 4 minutes of light intensityphysical movement. It will help ease your muscles and improve blood circulationand muscle activity. 

Regularphysical activity benefits both the mind and the body. Being physically active;

  • Help manage weight 
  • Reduces high blood pressure,
  • Heart disease, 
  • Stroke, and 
  • Various cancers or all conditions that can increase susceptibility to COVID-19 

Physical activity also improves bone and muscle strength and increases flexibility, balance, and fitness. For older people, any activity that improves balance help prevents injuries or falls. Regular physical activity can help give our days a routine. It can also be a way to stay in contact with family and friends. It is also beneficial for our mental health and improves overall feelings.  

Age GroupRecommended Physical Activity 

Infantsunder 1-year-old 

Allinfants should be physically active quite a lot of times a day. For those notyet movable, you may have at least 30 minutes in a prone position or tummytime. It is as floor-based play and spread throughout the day whileawake. 

Childrenunder 5 years old

Theyshould spend at least 3 hours a day in a variety of types of physicalactivities at any intensity. Children 3 to 4 years should spend at least anhour of this time in moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity. 

Aged 5 to17 years old

Allchildren and adolescents should do at least 1 hour a day or moderate tovigorous-intensity physical activity. This includes activity that willstrengthen your bone and muscle. You do those at least 3 days per week. Doingmore than 1-hour physical activity daily will provide additional healthbenefits. 

Adultsaged over 18 years old 

Alladults must do at least 2-3 hours of moderate-intensity physical activitythroughout the week. You may as well have at least 75 minutes ofvigorous-intensity physical activity throughout the week. For additionalbenefits, adults should increase their moderate-intensity physical activity to5 hours per week. Also, older adults with poor mobility should do physicalactivity to enhance balance and prevent falls on 3 or more days per week. 

Having some activity around the home is better than doing nothing at all. Be active during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep your flexibility, muscle strength, and heart health. It is good for your mental health as well. Be active and stay healthy at home!